50 Gamers, 100 Devices, One Router – Last Player Standing

EssenceMediacomX / EE / IGN

Client: EE

In 2021, EE launched a brand new broadband service – ‘Full Fibre’ – able to connect up to 100 devices in a single home, giving guaranteed Wi-Fi in every room, gigabit ready speed and banishing lagging whilst gaming. Plus! Free 12 months’ worth of gaming packages if customers signed up.

Why wouldn’t you? Well, the problem was that the market was already cluttered with competitors and offers; it was hugely competitive and EE didn’t have existing credentials in the space. In fact, less than 1 in 4 people made an association between EE and broadband. Added to this that the category leaders spent over £1.254BN in the last five years and that consumers were beginning to tune out claims over speed, therefore in 2022 when EE wanted to show customers that they had the best broadband on the market, that they faced a stiff challenge!