Audible x Dragcon 2023

Audible UK

Client: Audible UK

Audible's participation in Dragcon UK 2023, part of their Spectrum and Belonging initiative, aimed to enhance brand awareness and consideration within LGBTQIA+ communities. The collaboration with RuPaul's Drag Race provided the perfect backdrop for this effort, emphasizing storytelling in extravagant fashion. The strategy revolved around Audible's "The Greatest Storyteller" theme, with LGBTQIA+ Audible Originals at its core.

Audible's partner stand, divided into the Audible Stage, Listening Zone, and Storytelling Zone, celebrated drag culture with the help of LGBTQIA+ designers. The Listening Zone featured innovative listening installations with drag-inspired listening wigs, providing an immersive experience and social sharing opportunities. The Storytelling Zone engaged attendees to share their autobiography titles on a sequin wall, further promoting footfall and interaction. The Audible Stage hosted 12 panels, drawing 300+ attendees each and totaling over 3,600 attendees across the event. Post-event, social media buzz contributed to a significant increase in Audible's "Aided Awareness" among LGBTQIA+ communities and a 4-point boost in brand buzz. The event was a tremendous success, aligning with Audible's broader sponsorship objectives, championing diverse voices and stories.