Here for Humanity

British Red Cross

Agency: VCCP and Havas
Client: British Red Cross

British Red Cross are top of mind for disasters and emergencies however we must continue to sustain and attract support in-between these events. ‘Here for humanity’ was launched as our new integrated brand campaign, with our brand USP ‘Together we are the world’s emergency responders’, as our secondary message encouraging new audiences to ‘support us’.

To create an authentic and emotional connection with supporters, we developed three hero films which formed the centre of the campaign. They bring to life three emergencies; the Ukraine conflict, the Turkey Syria earthquakes and extreme weather in the UK. Real footage and images were used front and centre to shine a light on the incredible work our emergency responders do on the ground to support humanity and the impact they have on individual lives. The new creative cleverly heroes our internationally recognised emblem, signifying ‘X’ marks the spot, a visual cue for being ‘here’ and present for humanity whenever they are in crisis. Using a montage approach we flick through footage and images from the ground, to tell the story of the emergency with our emblem as the anchor point. The raw authenticity helps to bring the impact we have and hope we create,