Maybelline 'Lashes on the Tube' Viral CGI video

Maybelline UK & Origiful

Client: Maybelline UK

You may have seen our ‘Lashes on the Tube’ CGI video that went viral across the world, and you may have been one of the many people that asked the question that divided the nation: Is it real…or fake?

Well, what might surprise you more than this answer is the backstory of how our advert was created. No big agency was involved, no big budgets, no long lead-times or multiple stakeholder approvals. Just a few passionate, creative people wanting to create a piece of fun, thumb-stopping content. Something to cut-through the noise on social media, and bring a bit of light-hearted joy and humour to the people that see it. What we didn’t expect were the millions of reactions across the world, from everyday people to industry experts, and how one video could ignite a new wave of content, disrupting the traditional norms of social media advertisement across all industries. All stemming from one simple concept: Giant lashes on public transport to make our consumers smile.