Papa? Nicole! Rekindling an old flame for Renault

Publicis Poke

Client: Renault UK

This is a love story that spans generations. A love Renault thought it had lost but managed to rekindle.

This is the story of how we took a legendary TV campaign and rather than simply bring it back, told a new chapter in the story, built for social and fit for the 21st century. We unlocked it by digging into the past, and unearthing a distinctive asset in Papa Nicole that wasn’t just famous and unique, but packed full of latent affection. We reimagined by partnering with three real-life Nicoles, each named after the iconic Renault character. Their tales, shared with the world on Father’s Day, celebrated their enduring father-daughter love, and their indelible connection to Renault. Partnering with media owners and social platforms allowed us to speak to two generations at once - Papas and Nicoles - and helped us develop bespoke creative which captured their attention, grew affection and relevance, and significantly increased consideration and sales. Reminding us that partnerships, whether through birth or in business, can provide a basis for powerful storytelling and enduring love.