P&O Ferries: Turning the ship in stormy seas

Publicis•Poke and Starcom

Client: P&O Ferries

Moments where the odds are stacked against you are the most profound occasions for leadership. Real leadership is truly tested in the most testing of times. When P&O Ferries had not only been impacted by decades of category decline, but had been rocked by a multitude of crises, it required a show of bold, definitive leadership. A good captain in stormy seas. A good captain requires hard working shipmates, and nothing worked harder for P&O Ferries than out of home advertising. A brand with a small media budget and a tiny share of voice was able call out their competition, right in front of them. Geographically, contextually targeted ads caught customers at moments where they were experiencing the true pain of travel with our competitors. No leg room on your flight? No problem on a P&O Ferry. In a sea of the same smiling nuclear families on board ships and generic destination content, our out of home ads focused on communicating bold, product facts with classic British wit to lead a change in the perception of ferry travel. We have the results to show for it too.