Revitalising Equity Release: Aviva’s Success with Modern Search

Zenith Media

Client: Aviva

In the wake of the market turbulence in late 2022, Aviva faced a pressing challenge – the decline in qualified calls to their specialised equity release advice team. They had observed a staggering 25% reduction in calls when comparing Q2 year-over-year, and a significant 17% drop from Q1 2023 to Q2 2023.

In a landscape marked by economic uncertainty, Aviva and Zenith recognised the need to leverage the full potential of media strategies to reverse this trend. Their goal: to deliver better results for their business and offer reassurance to customers navigating uncertain times in the world of equity release. Zenith had recently co-developed with Google the perfect tool to drive this change - the Modern Search Maturity Framework (MSMF). After a comprehensive audit using the MSMF, Zenith and Aviva identified Smart Bidding as a key area of focus for the equity release product. This strategic shift delivered a striking 36% surge in qualified calls, accompanied by a substantial 48% reduction in cost per call.