True Crime A Line Up Unlike Any Other (OOH Special Build)

Audible UK

Client: Audible UK

The True Crime genre has experienced a significant surge in popularity, driven by a growing interest in real-life crime stories since the launch of the "Serial" podcast in 2014. Audible recognized the immense potential within this trend and aimed to establish itself as the premier service for True Crime storytelling in 2022. The campaign's primary objectives were to increase brand awareness, drive subscriptions, and boost consideration. To achieve these goals, Audible embarked on a multi-step strategy. First, they leveraged their extensive True Crime catalogue to showcase the range and depth of content available to their audience. Second, the campaign aimed to tap into the inherent fascination of True Crime enthusiasts by delivering exciting and captivating content. The campaign's execution included the creation of two 3D OOH special builds in prominent UK locations, Brixton, London, and Manchester, featuring oversized interactive police interview tape recorders. Passers-by could engage with the content by scanning QR codes, leading them to an Audible landing page where they could explore key moments from popular True Crime titles. The campaign's performance was exceptional, achieving 40% reach and 36.8 million impacts. It garnered attention in marketing trade outlets and on LinkedIn, resulting in significant improvements in brand