The Right To Dance


Client: War Child

'The Right To Dance' - War Child’s new pioneering, music-focused fundraising platform.
Combining exclusive content & events, merchandise collaborations, partner offers and a membership-based subscription model, TRTD raises money for War Child's programs protecting children affected by war. 

Since 1993, War Child has been working with children impacted by conflict to keep them safe, support them with education, help equip them with skills for the future, and stand up for their rights. 

These ‘safe spaces’ provide somewhere for childhood to be reclaimed, where simple pleasures like laughter, playing and dancing can be rediscovered. 

Striving for the right to community, freedom, identity and self-expression is crucial to War Child’s work in the field, and are values shared by underground music scenes worldwide, built through collective support and strength. 

This universal connection is at the heart of The Right To Dance, a new fundraising model from War Child that reframes the idea of a donation, through the shared values and collaboration of the underground music community.